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Chiropractic Pregnancy Care

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

We see a lot of pregnant women in our office. The most common symptom we see with pregnant women is low back pain and malposition of the baby. The baby is either transverse posterior or breech. These pregnant moms come into our office for these specific reasons but that's not necessarily what we focus on when helping a pregnant mom during pregnancy. In a recent study over five different chiropractic clinics and almost 200 pregnant women should 85% of them reported significant relief of their low back pain as a direct result of specific chiropractic care. A recent scientific journal concluded that specific chiropractic care correcting subluxation of the sacrum and pelvis resulted in an 82 percent reduction of intrauterine constraint which can cause babies to be in composition.

If you look at the structure of the pelvis, you have your left hip and your right hip and of course, the baby sits in the middle. If you have subluxation or misalignment of the left ilium or the right ilium or even the bone in the center which is your sacrum, it could put tension on those ligaments that support their baby. The goal for pregnant moms is to keep everything lined up as best we can, line up the sacrum line up the left and right ilium and the spine and just give them the best chance of having a healthy birth experience.

We use technology in our office to measure how those muscles are reacting on either side of the spine. We can be very specific with our adjustment we can adjust that specific bone or vertebra without causing motion and other parts of the spine. We adjust moms in comfortable positions lying down so they don't experience a lot of stress.

I encourage you if you are interested or want more information we'd be happy to sit down and discuss with you exactly what we do and how we help pregnant moms have a healthy birth and a healthy spine post delivery.

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