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In our quest to be the best chiropractors in Wichita, we want you to know exactly what to expect when you arrive at our office for your first visit, so we made this page for you. See our step-by-step process of what you will experience during your first day toward greater health!

filling out new patient forms

Step One

We ask all of our new practice members to complete a new member application as completely as they can. This form includes questions about your healthcare history and gives us an understanding of past trauma and injuries that might be contributing to current health concerns.

consultation with a doctor

Step Two

Following a tour of the office, you’ll sit down with us for a special one-on-one healthcare consult. We will talk about your current issues, past health concerns, goals for recovery, and other healthcare history concerns so we can provide only the very best healthcare.

neurological scanning technology

Step Three

At this stage, we will perform a complete and scientific physical examination using advanced NASA-published technology. Our state of the art technology will assess your nervous system and muscles not only where pressure and stress may be stemming from, but for how long and to what extent.

Cervical Spine X-ray

Step Four

At this point, depending on the severity of your neurological evaluation and your recommendations, we may elect to take any postural x-rays, other diagnostic imaging that may be required. This will allow us to closely examine your skeletal system to see any limitations to the results we expect for you in our office. This will also confirm any preliminary diagnoses and allow us to approach adjustment with the most detailed information possible.

This concludes Day 1 in our office. Typically an adjustment does not take place on the first day.

Report of the Doctors Findings

Step Five

On your follow-up visit, we will sit down with you and your loved ones, and present to you a detailed report of our findings. This will include analysis of your diagnostic imaging and the results of your examination. We will also discuss your customized plan of corrective care and payment options to make care most affordable moving forward.

Adjustment Table

Step Six

When you start care here in our office, the process of healing is a two-way street navigated by both you and Dr. Grady. In order to experience optimal healthcare improvements, you will need to commit to your appointments and to take all necessary steps and lifestyle changes recommended.


Patience is essential—while some see improvements right away, others take more time. Understand, Rome wasn’t built in a day, symptoms don’t arise in a day, and healing doesn’t occur in a day. With the proper time and repetition that Dr. Grady specifically recommends to you we will see you reach your health goals and break free of any health burdens you may have.

Please know, that at first some temporary stiffness and discomfort are normal. These healing sensations are a sign of your body correcting itself as nervous system function is restored.

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