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Thermography In Our Office

One thing that we know is that you can not base someone’s health strictly on how they feel. If pain was the only indicator for something being wrong, then we would know well before a heart attack was going to happen. The truth is, that heart attack developed over the course of years and most of the time the first sign of heart disease, is the heart attack itself. The same is true for chiropractic. If a chiropractor only paid attention to where the aches and pains were, they could miss something bigger going on. That’s why in our office, we have chosen to utilize some advanced technology.


The neuroThermal from CLA helps us at Restoration Chiropractic really understand you and how your nervous system is functioning. Using infrared camera technology, it painlessly allows us to see areas that the body is not properly regulating. Now the autonomic nervous system is responsible for running all the organs so that you don’t consciously have to tell yourself to make your heart beat, digest the meal you just ate, or filter your blood. Your body just does that automatically through the autonomic nervous system. When we have spinal dysfunction, it can interfere with the brain's ability to properly communicate with the rest of the body. Blood flow and temperature regulation, controlled by the autonomic nervous system, can be altered when there is spinal dysfunction, which is what can be seen on the infrared thermography and we can see where the body is having trouble regulating. A lot of the times, the areas that are under stress are some of the places where we do not even have any aches or pains. That makes it a great time to check those areas, remove the dysfunction, and restore the communication in those areas before they become a bigger issue down the road.

It’s important to remember that spinal dysfunction, or subluxation, can happen from a variety of reasons. It’s important to have your spine checked by a Wichita chiropractor regularly to help with spine and nervous system health.

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