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Office Tour

Updated: May 19, 2021

Have you been to our office yet? If not, watch the video to see what our facility looks like!

Hi, guys I just wanted to hop on here and get a quick tour of our office. So as you walk in this main door you'll walk right into our waiting room in our front desk area. Over here we have plenty of reading material, we know that knowledge helps the healing process we want to make it readily available. We have brochures handouts research articles for your benefit as we mentioned. Over here we do have a check-in station, our practice members get a card that looks like this, what they do is they come and scan it that checks them in and lets us know that they're here. As we make our way over here to this

community board, we like to work with the community have a heart for the community so we want to highlight as many local businesses as we can.

As you can see we work with a lot of families we are a family practice. We see pregnant moms, babies, kids, and athletes of all ages. As we make our way over here we have this giant chart called the autonomic nervous system or the ANS chart. This is pretty cool because it shows where the nerves go to what organs so if you're someone that deals with headaches or sinus trouble you can actually see the area and the effects that it goes to.

As we make our way down the hall we do have our testimonial wall this is where we share stories of our practice members about hope and healing through their chiropractic journey. So now I'm going to pass this off to Dr. Grady and he's going to finish this tour up for you.

So these next four rooms are my favorite they are the adjusting rooms this is where we get so many great results people are getting rid of their symptoms, they're reducing their stress they're maybe even just looking to be proactive with their health and

nervous system.

As Dr. Jessica said we are a family practice we take care of the kids we take care of mom and dad we take care of grandma and grandpa and we have various techniques to take care of everyone, from your traditional chiropractic care to more of a gentle approach such as torque release technique which eliminates the need for that popping sound.

We even have a technique for pregnant women called Webster technique

this allows us to help mom with her low back pain that most women get during

pregnancy, not only that but it helps balance the pelvis and creates more room for baby to develop right. Here's a cool poster that moms get a look at and kind of see how well their baby is progressing through that pregnancy as well as a comparison to the size that baby is.

We don't only just take care of mom we also take care of the baby. Most infants are born with a misalignment in their cervical spine due to the birth process and this could lead to things such as colic, reoccurring ear infections, digestive issues, problems feeding, it could also lead to developmental delay and behavioral issues down the road so we like to take care of them as soon as possible.

The next three rooms on this side are exam rooms this is where we sit down we get to know you understand what you're going through as well as examine your spine we also

have some cool scans that help us get an insight into how your nervous system is functioning. Making our way back you'll see that we have some x-ray testimonials. We do take postural x-rays in our office, when we take x-rays we get to see into the body, we get to see the spine, see how that structure is looking. It gives us a lot of information as to maybe why you're experiencing the symptoms that you're experiencing, and it also gives us some a chance to look at some realistic expectations of the care that you could be receiving in our office. This last room, this is our digital x-ray suite this is where we take those chiropractic postural x-rays we have a saying in our office that "to see is to know and to not see is to guess and we don't want to guess with anybody's health".

So there's a quick view at our office and we look forward to taking care of you and your family here at Restoration Chiropractic!

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