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Chiropractic and Colic

Anyone that has experienced a baby suffering from colic will tell you it is frustrating and heartbreaking as there seems to be nothing that will soothe them. Especially since experts aren’t entirely sure what the root cause is. It is assumed that it starts in the gut and could be from digestive problems, infant acid reflux, food allergies, and more.

Now a crying baby is not abnormal. All babies cry. The cry of a colicky baby is different. In a healthy, well-fed baby, colic is when they fit the “Rule of Three”: crying for more than three hours per day, for more than three days per week, and for longer than three weeks.

So what can you do?

One of your safest options is to seek a chiropractor. The simple reason is this: Chiropractors address underlying issues in the central nervous system and spine—namely a condition called subluxation. Subluxation is a misalignment in one or more of the vertebrae of the spine. This misalignment prevents the nervous system from functioning properly, which can cause stress or dysfunction in all parts of the body—including your infant’s digestive system and gut.

A chiropractor can remove the subluxation through a gentle and safe chiropractic adjustment, treating patients as young as minutes old. The chiropractic physician will perform a light adjustment to your infant’s spine, typically with him or her lying on the parent’s chest. This will help to remove subluxations and restore motion. Often parents see an immediate change in the baby’s demeanor as he or she relaxes and stops crying.

Based on a 3 month study, parents reports positive improvement in 94% of cases.

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