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What Are The Best Sleeping Positions?

What is the best way to sleep? One of the questions we get asked most by patients in our office is “what is the best way to sleep to promote a healthy nervous system?”

There are three things that cause subluxations in the spine, making communication break down between the nervous system and the other systems of the body. We call these things the 3Ts : thoughts, traumas, and toxins. Traumas can be anything from falls, how you sit at your desk, how you sleep at night, or the way you swing your club when you’re golfing!

  • Macro traumas are events like falls that have a big impact at one time.

  • Micro traumas are little things that we do every day or with great frequency that build up over time.

The best way to support your body to avoid building up micro traumas is to try to keep it in a neutral environment as much as possible. We spend much of our life sleeping and if we can be mindful to promote a neutral posture while asleep, it can go a long way to preventing those subluxations and misalignments.

There are 2 sleeping positions that promote a healthy spine: Back sleeping Back sleeping should be done with a pillow under the neck and shoulders, just enough to keep a neutral neck position.

Side sleeping Side sleeping should be done by then using a pillow that fills the space between your legs creating a straight leg from hip to ankle. Use another pillow to support the space between the ear and the shoulder and lastly hug a pillow which supports the upper back remaining in neutral. You will likely have pillows around the house that you can play with to provide the proper structure. However, side sleeping can create a lot of stress in the hips, knees, and ankles. This posturing will help to decrease the injury pattern.

Innate Intelligence Blog Have you ever wondered if Chiropractic care is too good to be true? How can simple chiropractic adjustments hold a candle to the pills, surgeries, and the wisdom of modern medicine? Today we want to let you know the secret behind why Chiropractic Care works and how it is helping people heal from the inside out, every day. We believe our bodies were created with incredible wisdom and innate intelligence. It is the same force that allows a baby to know how to form in its mother’s womb, how a cut knows how to heal, and your bones know how to mend. Your body is amazing, and it was created knowing how to heal itself! But if our bodies are able to heal themselves, why are so many people sick or in pain? The nervous system is the part of the body that tells your heart to beat, lungs to breath, and stomach to digest. It is the one system that is in charge of every other system of the body, telling it what to do, how to function, and how to heal when something is wrong. When the bones of your spine are lined up properly, the brain can communicate down the spinal cord, out the nerve to the muscles and tissues in your body at 100%. When these bones move out of position, they put pressure on the nervous system, and communication is compromised. A subluxation is less when one or more of the spinal bones shifts out of proper alignment or are not moving properly. This creates inflammation which irritates the nerve and creates pain and dysfunction. This miscommunication can be expressed as pain, indigestion, migraines… ultimately subluxations lead to dysfunction, stress, and inflammation throughout the body and there is no limit to the damage that they can cause.

What research has shown is that less than 8% of the nerves in our body are pain-related. At Restoration Chiropractic we are able to make a specific scientific adjustment to the bones of the spine and realign them, taking pressure off of the nerves. By doing this we are able to return optimal communication to the systems of the body, reducing undue pain, inflammation, and stress while restoring the innate intelligence of the nervous system that allows your body to THRIVE and heal itself. That is why chiropractic care can help with anything from breastfeeding issues to ADHD, to migraines, failure to thrive, hormonal issues, back pain, and SO much more! The secret behind why chiropractic adjustments work is that we are able to unleash the innate intelligence of the nervous system by removing the interference so that you can THRIVE!

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